Show Me You Care, Make Me Aware

Our passion for safety exists throughout all levels of the organization; from our top leaders to our newest team members.  The belief is, we do not control the safety of an individual; only an individual can control the choices they make.  Our purpose is to lead, guide, and educate our team members to enable them the opportunities to make the right choices.  MHS Legacy Group provides our subsidiaries with the right tools to build a strong foundation for safety.


  • Safety becomes the responsibility of every employee at every level
  • “If It’s Not Safe…Don’t Do It!” not only the philosophy but the culture
  • A systematic training program


  • Corporate site safety audit program
  • Behavior observation awareness
  • Safety incentive program


  • Aggressive return to work program
  • Substance abuse prevention program
  • Family atmosphere

We believe the most successful way to preventing injuries is to be proactive to workplace conditions and not reactive. Our standards are held at a higher regard because we expect our employees to be world class citizens providing world class service. For further information regarding our safety program, please visit our subsidiaries websites or email SAFETY@MHSLEGACY.COM