Environmental Stewardship

MHS Legacy Group is committed to solutions which make a real difference in our footprint reduction goals. By promoting environmental and sustainability awareness at all levels we shape and form our product offerings. Together we can grow the company and help our communities meet their needs while reducing our overall environmental impact.

Our 2018 sustainability goals are outlined to minimize the impact of daily operations and services on the environment by:

  • Optimizing our waste management strategies to promote waste reduction and expand our reduce-reuse-recycle program.
  • Promoting energy efficiency in daily operations.
  • Ensuring each member of our organization is aware of the environmental impacts of their work activities.
  • Pursue an educational program that allows for continuous improvement and awareness.
  • Consider the environmental and economic aspects during the selection of our products.
  • Encouraging and equipping each other to develop these practices in our home and work place environment; encouraging environmental stewardship locally, nationally, and globally.

“We awake everyday admiring and thanking God for His marvelous creation of the earth we inhabit.  Our honor to Him is to respect it and cherish it while challenging ourselves to protect it from irresponsible acts of the human being.” -Walt Hatfield, MHS Legacy Group President/CEO